Every week, I write an e-mail. On Sundays, I mail it.

There are themes to the emails. But not as you might expect. I’ll give advice, or my opinion, but most of what I say starts off as a reminder to myself.

I try to be vulnerable. I try to use my shortcomings and life lessons in a way that provides value.

But mainly, i just write. I like to write. I enjoy having a place to practice my craft and share my ideas. When I don’t have an idea what to write, I just share a list of songs, articles, books, podcasts, TV series etc… that I am enjoying. 

There is no plan for the emails. The only things I can promise are vulnerability, a total lack of spam and that I won’t beg you to sign up for a bunch of self-improvement courses. Other than that, you’ll just have to trust me. 

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