We are going to keep this post short and to the point.

It can be a bummer when you are living outside of your home country to not be able to watch your favorite sport or sports team.

Luckily, thanks to the internet, there exists a very simple and very free solution.


Yep, the same place that you go to for the hottest viral videos and the latest cryptocurrency news is also where you will find the internet’s best sports streams.

Here is how it works:

Go to https.reddit.com. Then type in the name of sport or sports league which you would like to watch in the search bar. For international football, the sub-reddit is r/soccerstreams/, for most other sports it will be categorized by league name — Champions League, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL etc…

So, for example, to find an NFL game, you would go to reddit.com and type in “NFL Streams” in the search bar:

Select the thread that has the most subscribers. This is a good way to judge which sub-reddit is legit and which is fishing for newbies. In this case it is the first one shown.

An easier way to do this; if you know the sub-reddit you are searching for; is to open an incognito tab and search for the specific sub-reddit you want:

This is an easy way to make sure you are taken to the correct page every time. We’ve listed some popular streaming sub-reddits below.

Once you are in the sub-reddit, you will then see individual threads for each game that is live. Make sure you only click on threads for games that are currently live. If you click on a link for last year’s Super Bowl, you will likely walk away with a virus on your computer.

Click on the game that you want. You will then be taken to a page with numerous links, all for the same game, from different hosts. Be judicious about which link you select. There are hackers and spammers out there who set up links just so that they can install bits of malware on your computer.

Never, and we mean NEVER:

  • Give personal information in order to watch a stream.
  • Give financial information as a way to pay to support a streamer.
  • Download “the latest version of Adobe” or anything else that a pop-up tells you your computer needs.
  • Click on any of the ads on any of the new pages that open up outside of the reddit page. You just gotta close these down. 

Once you click on the link for the stream that you want, you will be taken to a new page where there will likely be a video screen with a play button in the center. Click play and enjoy. Often, you will have to close out of a series of ads before you get to the actual stream. Unfortunately this is how streamers make their money and it is a necessary evil. You also may need to close off your ad blocker for certain sites.

Pro Tips for finding a good link:

  • Buffstreams is a very reliable stream source for live sports
  • Any links with YT (YouTube) are usually solid
  • The more ads, the more likely it is a bad link. Try another one.
  • Grandmastreams is another reliable source
  • Reddit has verified streamers for most sub-reddits. When you can, use these.
  • Sometimes you may need to click the play button on a stream a couple of times before it works. You might click the play button on a stream, be taken to another page (which you close) and then have to go back to the original page to click on the play button again. Some streamers, like Buffstreams, force users to do this 3-4 times as an added layer of security. Keep at it, the live feed is there somewhere.

Here are a list of the actual sub-reddits for some of the world’s more popular sports:


Hopefully this helps you to tune in for a small slice of home when you are on the road. Enjoy!