“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.”

– Tony Robbins

Why me? Why now? Why try? Why change? Why go for it? Why travel? Why create? Why dance when everyone else is sitting?


Why not me? Why not now? Why not try? Why not change? Why not go for it? Why not travel? Why not dance when everyone else sits? Why not create?


The world tells us to start with why. But sometimes, it’s the why not’s that really get the conversation moving.


Progress often comes through questioning the world as it is. By the ones who stopped, looked around and say “Hey, why not…”


This is what PorQueNo? is all about. Alternative ideas on how to approach this wild ride we all call life.


When I first started this site in 2017, “Why Not?” was most certainly my mindset.


Why not move to Colombia without knowing anyone and without any way to make money? Why not learn Spanish? Why not go salsa dancing? Why not move to Argentina? Why not start a blog? Why not quit everything and backpack through Patagonia?


You get the point.


I took a massive leap and traveled the world. And along the way, I started writing.


No, this is not a travel blog. In fact, all of my traveling brought about a personal “why not” for me. Why not stay in one place?


Yes, I’ll give some travel advice. But only general advice. Your travels should not be tainted by my opinions.


This site is really about ideas.


I believe life’s lessons are learned through contrasts and comparisons. The more we experience, the more contrasts we see and comparisons we make, the more new ideas are able to sprout up.


As I travel a bit and inevitably meet new people, I stumble into new ideas.


This site is where I come to share those ideas.


Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.

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