“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.”

– Tony Robbins

Choose one of the following series of questions to describe how you would like to approach your life.

  • Why me? Why now? Why try? Why care? Why hope? Why dare to dream big? Why go for it? Why travel? Why dance when everyone else sits? Why create?
  • Why not me? Why not now? Why not try? Why not care? Why not hope? Why not dare to dream big? Why not go for it? Why not travel? Why not dance when everyone else sits? Why not create?

Humanity has been consistently propelled forward by those willing to ask “Why Not?” and question the world as it is. This site hopes to encourage others to question the limits of their reality through thought provoking articles.

My name is Nathan and I am the creator of PorQueNo?. I live, work and travel where I want, when I want. My hope is to see, experience and savor all that our wonderful world has to offer.

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